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Aluminium curtain walls

BR-INVEST is focused on production and installation of glazed curtain walls, production and installation of frame structures, skylights, winter gardens and interior glazed walls.

Having the investors’ demands in mind, BR-INVEST started to widen their offers and now can supply not only glazed, but all other types of curtain walls as a complete package in order to achive tailor-made service.

Realisation of projects includes:

  • consulting service
  • projecting work including static calculation
  • co-ordination of activities and supplies of other subcontractors
  • glazed curtain walls made by BR-INVEST or self-made glazed curtain walls

SCHUCO and REAYNERS aluminium systems are mainly used for production of curtain walls and interior building structures. These systems fully satisfy investors’ and engineers´ demands , especially when it comes to client structures. Advantages of these systems are their complexity and perfection of technical details, as well as their high level of quality, efficient sound and thermal insulation, static, method of production and quick installation.

Used systems make systematised solutions of modern architectural demands possible, both design and technically wise. When it comes to powder coating of aluminium profiles, client can choose between RAL and ELOX variety of colours. Concerning high quality of materials and technology of production that we use, projects and preparation of production are under great attention. Project works are executed via software programs such as AutoCad, SchüCal, ReynaPro, eluSoft/eluCad and others. Specialised software programs are used in organisational, administrative and economical processes as well.

Programs and products:

  • delivering curtain walls as a complete package including co-ordination of other subcontractors
    • aluminium façades
    • cover-caps
    • semi-structural
    • structural
  • aluminium frame structures
  • winter gardens
  • inner walls and partitions
  • fire-resistant structures
  • service during and after guarantee period

Production and assembling workroom

Assembling workroom located in Kutnohorská 426, Prague 10 – Horní Měcholupy is an integral part of BR-INVEST. The workroom is entirely equipped with SCHUCO and ELUMATEC aluminium production machines. Our assembling team is highly skilled and qualified and is working with high-quality sets of tools in order to achive high standard products.